Meet us

Carl conceived Plankton in early 2017, with a passion to focus his knowledge and expertise on small and medium size businesses that really need a helping hand with the minefield that is digital advertising. Carl’s ability to form genuine partnerships and look after your business like it is his own is why he is here.

Carl’s motivation is his family and the greater Wellington community. He takes great pleasure in supporting the community, by means of collaborating with local passion and expert creative folk. This helps our community grow and prosper and ensures that we can offer a very personalised and hands-on experience for our clients.

Carl Robertson


Carl Robertson is the Founder of Plankton. This Mad Man has more than 16 year’s experience in the Wellington advertising and marketing industry. Born not far away in Lower Hutt, Carl is incredibly passionate about the greater Wellington area and all it has to offer. When he’s not thinking about your brand, he’s enjoying life with wife Justine and their two daughters. Any passion left over is devoted to craft beer (his favourite drop is the Supercharger APA by Panhead, if you were thinking of dropping by with a gift). He loves walking and takes great pleasure in reducing his carbon footprint.

Emily Mecchia

creative director

Emily Mecchia brings the laughs to the Plankton team and is our Creative Director. Our design guru has spent the last five years immersed in the design and advertising industry. Some of those were spent in Melbourne, where she gained a deep understanding of agency models and how to develop and execute successful campaigns. We love her vast creative knowledge and strategic design thinking, not to mention her ability with an illustrating pencil. When she’s not being all creative and arty, Emily likes going to music gigs and perfecting her poached egg technique. She believes laughter is the best medicine and when that doesn’t cut it, spiced rum will do the trick.