The Residents


Lucy Revill is Wellington’s top performing content creator, with over 17.5K followers on her social platforms (‘The Residents’) and 25K monthly unique visitors. She’s passionate about understanding this new emerging industry of influencing. Lucy is an Ambassador for skincare giant Estee Lauder, and has worked as a blogger and influencer with global brands such as Samsung, Allbirds, and UberEats, just to name a few.

deliverables and outcome

Lucy from ‘The Residents’ wanted to celebrate her blog reaching the 2-year mark and wanted to refine her existing brand to reflect her journey. We created a new logo for Lucy, which encompasses all things ‘The Residents’, depicted by the use of miniature illustrations that are representative of people, food, nature and fashion. We also refreshed Lucy’s, Media Kit. We revisited fonts, created a new colour palette, updated imagery (photographs were taken professionally by Lucy’s photographer) and revisited the layout to accommodate more breathing space. Lastly, we refined Lucy’s website. We paired the layout back, taking the less is more approach. We included the new logo, refined page titles to make these more concise, moved social icons to the top fold along with the inclusion of a rotating series of photographs, that reflect ‘The Residents’. We included titles on the homepage to enhance the user experience and updated fonts and lastly injected the refined colour palette into her website design.  Check out the website here:

FROM TOP: logo and media kit.