Red Pebble Event Design

Digital / Branding

In 2017 we started working with Red Pebble Event Design to revitalise their brand. Red Pebble has a very well established name in the market and we wanted to ensure that the refreshed brand identity enabled them to remain a market leader. When creating the new website we wanted to showcase their beautiful imagery but also give particular consideration to the user experience. It was imperative that their service offerings were immediately clear for the user and that the Red Pebble team contact details were easily locatable. The new brand identity reflects both professionalism and approachability, which are core values of the Red Pebble Event Design team.

Along with the new website, we also developed advertising collateral for Red Pebble. From top: Website, A5 Flyer and business cards.

Red Pebble on Tablet A5 Flyer Red Pebble Red Pebble Business Card