Pop Up Business School Aotearoa


The Pop Up Business School Aotearoa runs inspirational business training events to help people in communities start small businesses and make money while pursuing their passion.

Deliverables and Outcome

To create a series of promotional videos, showcasing the launch of an upcoming workshop in Porirua in October 2017, with the objective of encouraging people to sign up and attend the workshop. The videos needed to resonate with a diverse cross-section of demographics, we achieved this through the inclusion of a diverse group of people, form various industries and ethnicities that were able to share their experiences first hand, to ensure that the video resonated with as wide an audience as possible. We also created an overview video to re-cap the 10-day workshop, which includes key-stakeholders and attendees. This video captures the enthusiasm and sense of empowerment from those who attended the workshop.

FROM TOP: The Workshop and The Hands-On Approach videos are featured.