Mall Dry Cleaning


Mall Dry Cleaning is an established Wellington dry cleaning and laundry services business with over 30 years of experience, providing clients with the very best dry cleaning and customer service. Mall employs the latest dry cleaning, laundry techniques and training methods ensuring that the customer always receives a superior service.

deliverables and outcome

A refined brand identity for Mall Dry Cleaning, along with supporting collateral of which enhances their established, trusted and premium brand. The intended purpose of the refined logo was to create greater cohesion across multiple branches so that it was immediately clear to the client that they would receive the same superior service while visiting any of the Mall branches. We retained the use of the star icon to maintain brand recognition. The contemporary logo concept uses a modern typeface, creating a logo which feels approachable and relevant while maintaining the sense of quality, craftsmanship and care.

FROM TOP: logo, postcard and pull-up banner.