Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

Who is Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ)? 

HRINZ is the professional organisation for those who are interested in or involved in Human Resource Management and development of people. They represent the interests of 3350+ individual members, who represent around 45% of the known New Zealand HR market.

Deliverables and Outcome

The Chartered membership is the biggest change within the human resources profession in New Zealand in the last 15-20 years, therefore the main objective of this campaign is to promote and increase awareness of the  HRINZ Chartered membership. We created an Informative and engaging series of short videos with one primary video to showcase the benefits of being a Chartered member. Leaving the viewer certain about what becoming a Chartered member entails. The videos will inform the audience as to how to achieve Chartered status, what becoming a Chartered member will mean for their career and case studies of ‘people of interest’, outlining the value and benefits of the initiative that captures the essence of what being Chartered means. The inclusion of vibrant office spaces and multiple people interviewed ensured that the series of short videos are engaging and informative.

FROM TOP:  The Chartered Membership and The Human Resources Institute – Business videos are featured.