Our approach

Plankton is a passionate team that specialise in establishing beautiful brands, products and experiences for people who care about what they do. Collaboration is essential, so while we bring the fresh eyes, creative expertise and strategic thinking, you know your business best. Which means we’ll listen. And ask a lot of questions. Because that’s the essence of how we develop your concept, form insights and set measurable goals, specific to you.

Next, we identify the correct channels to ensure that the right stuff is delivered to the right crowd at the right time. Basically, we create targeted, powerful and lasting impressions – and we’ll be there with you through the entire process, from ideas to execution and beyond.

Brand strategy

The right brand strategy can accelerate your business goals, not to mention create distinctive and lasting impact that transforms perceptions in the marketplace.

Once the brief is nailed, we’ll turn your voice into a carefully crafted concept that encompasses your unique messages for your specific audiences. Once the concept is fine-tuned, then we go to market.

48% of consumers said that the most critical time to gain their loyalty is when they make their first purchase or begin service. Repeat business and referrals are essential in the Business to Business (B2B) marketing space. Every member of your organization, from sales to service delivery, can have an impact on how your brand is perceived and whether clients become loyal brand advocates (source).

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In an information-overloaded world, consumers’ average attention span is now only eight seconds, one second less than a goldfish and four seconds less than it was in the year 2000! (Source). So being able to effectively communicate to your audience is more critical than ever before. By ensuring that your brand story is unique, we’ll help set you apart.
We believe in the transformative power of good, clear communication. Engaging and compelling content that provides intrinsic value to your audience.

Plankton can ensure that your brand story, website copy, promotion, social media content or even your tag line is distinctive, clear and resonates with exactly who you need it to.

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One of the greatest advantages of a digitally connected world is the ability to have instantaneous conversations with anybody, anywhere, at any time. In today’s highly connected market a distinctive online presence is crucial. Plankton provides a number of digital platforms to help your business connect, and remain connected. We specialise in:

  • Website design & development. Whether it’s a customised bespoke website, or a short term microsite, we’ve got this. We’ll create a solution that covers all bases and, most importantly, is user friendly. We’ll also optimise the message for mobile, tablet and desktops, and ensure that your brand looks spiffing on any device. To ensure we exceed your objectives, and because we’re good like this, we’ll also supply you with the analytics showing you the results.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. We’ll ensure your ranking on Google search engines is elevated, so your business is front of mind to a wider audience.
  • Video Production including: storyboarding, scripting, shooting and post production services, formatted for all required channels. To ensure we exceed your objectives, we’ll provide you with informative campaign reporting, which should also keep finance happy.

It only takes 0.25 seconds of exposure for people to recall content they saw on their mobile feed. These initial seconds can make a profound impact (source).

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Social Media

Social media provides a multitude of platforms for your business to establish trust and integrity; at the same time giving you ample opportunity to gain substantial reach, in the markets you want.

Plankton provides you with specially curated tools that will unleash your online presence and increase engagement where you need it.

100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook daily (source).

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The human brain is hard-wired to marvel at creative that’s original and unexpected. It’s why a distinctive brand identity is fundamental in ensuring that you won’t be forgotten.

Creating outstanding visual communication is our non-negotiable. Our designers provide a broad cross-section of expertise, providing brand identity, campaign collateral and infographics. If you need visual communication of any sort, Plankton can help.

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text and including an image helps people retain 65% more information for a longer time (source).

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Media Communication

In an ever-evolving media landscape, identifying which channels are going to result in maximum engagement is vital. The correct channels will ensure that the right stuff is delivered to the right crowd at the right time.

We’ll curate a media plan which integrates the most appropriate channels for your campaign objectives. That’s how we can ensure maximum exposure and reach for your brand. We’ll also provide you with the analysis, so you can see the results for yourself.

55% of people have seen advertising on a Billboard in the past 7 days (source).

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